Friday, May 31, 2013

15 Inspirational Outdoor Spaces from our House Tours

Awesome outdoor spaces. Check them out!

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Link Description: " From luxurious infinity pools and large, leafy backyards to yurts and small, bright balconies, we've had a sampling of all kinds of outdoor spaces... "

How to Fix a Noisy Bed Frame I wrote a new page on ... I have some tips for you on how to fix a squeaky bedframe, based on my own experiences.

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Link Description: " There are many things that can cause your bed to squeak, even if it's designed well. A squeaky frame doesn’t actually mean that the bed is breaking, but it just means that something it out of place. "

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Design Mistakes: What They Are And How To Fix Them Ooh, some common design mistakes even I am guilty of sometimes... great tips!

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Link Description: " Decorating a home can be a fun family project to dive into. It isn't as easy as it looks though. It is more than simply throwing on a layer of paint and adding some throw pillows. There are quite a few design mistakes that occur when homeowners take on designing their homes while unknowingly commit... "

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How To Create A Heavenly Bath Experience Wow... this does sound pretty ehavenly! Get a great atmosphere in your bathroom, too: just follow these easy pointers.

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Link Description: " What constitutes a relaxing experience? Many believe that the first step involves coming home from a long day at work and stepping into the tub. Nothing beats settling into a warm tub for an eveni "

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Outdoor Kitchen: Make Your Patio Your Second Home Hey, check out these cool ideas for a great outdoor kitchen!

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Link Description: " For many people, few outdoor activities are as relaxing – or rewarding – as grilling and entertaining guests in their own outdoor kitchen. Bringing people together over delicious food, lovely scenery, and great conversation is a staple of summertime Americana. The grill is the foundation of your out... "

Unicorns, Green in the Bathroom, and Matt Damon’s Cause Gets Some New Friends – It’s Another... Ooh, cool articles about bathroom design and... um... Matt Damon? Weird, but I like it!

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Link Description: " It's that time again, TWI readers, for another Weekly Round-Up! This week has been very style-focused for us, so we hope you love colors, ideas, inspirations, and things that get your creati "

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

35 Beautiful Sunroom Design Ideas - Home Decorating Trends

Sunroom ideas to bring the outdoors in!

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Link Description: " A sunroom is also called a sun parlor, sun porch or sun lounge and it’s a structure usually built onto the side of a house. It allows you to admire... "

Monday, May 20, 2013

Check out this awesome article on bunk beds in kids rooms.

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Link Description: " "

Friday, May 17, 2013

Cell Phones and the Bathroom |

Great infographic on cell phones and the bathroom... definitely worth a look, pretty funny and enlightening data!

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Link Description: " A two month study was conducted as part of a University research project into the public's habits in the bathroom. Cell phone use was one area covered "

15 Outdoor Dining Design Ideas For A Summer Experience - Home Decorating...

Summer is here and its time for outdoor dining! Here a re some great ideas!

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Link Description: " When it’s no nice and beautiful outside, you don’t really feel like staying inside the house. You want to transfer all the main activities outside.... "

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Small-Space Garden Ideas - Home Decorating Trends

Here are some great ideas for having a garden in a small space.

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Link Description: " It seems safe to say that by the end of winter, most of us are craving a little green. We start dreaming of lawns and tree leaves and flowers and... "

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Tips to Help Fall Asleep

If you wanna sleep better...... you might wanna check this out ;-)

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Link Description: " Ever heard that phrase, "Early to bed and early to rise"? For those who want to fall asleep, this phrase works the other way around too. Try to... "

Friday, May 10, 2013

Something That Simple Relieves Stress |

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Link Description: " I have been receiving emails for years and over the years I have bought several of your tools. (I can afford them and I am proud to help support your efforts to keep your service free of charge.) I dust with the feather duster. I have purchased “I’m so proud of you” pens to give to women whom I have... "

I've always wanted a cozy library in my bathroom. It's the perfect blend of two of my favorite hobbies: reading and relaxing! :)

I am currently working my way through the Zen poetry of Ryokan, a Japanese hermit in the 19th century who traveled from village to village exchanging his stories and poems for shelter and a bowl of rice to eat. Sometimes I think, if I wasn't so intent on being a great interior designer, I would love to be a traveling hermit and poet... a back-up occupation, maybe? :)

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Forever Patio Hampton Radius 4 Piece Wicker Outdoor Sectional Set with Red Sunbrella Cushions (SKU F Ok now THIS is what I'm talking about. The red color isn't great for all patios, but it's really powerful and impactful, perfect for nighttime entertaining (if a little overdramatic for a casual outdoor lunch).

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Link Description: " The Forever Patio Hampton Radius 4 Piece Wicker Outdoor Sectional Set with Red Sunbrella Cushions (SKU FP-HAMR-4SEC-CH-FF) creates a look that is sure to impress. The set seats 6 to 7 adults comfortably, and features Chocolate resin wicker, which is made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for ... "

Forever Patio Hampton 7 Piece Modern Patio Dining Set with Cream Sunbrella Cushions (SKU FP-HAM-7DN- This may be a little to dark and 'sophisticated' for a casual backyard patio, but I can easily see this sort of style being featured at a mid-high level Vegas hotel. See ya poolside! :)

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Link Description: " The Forever Patio Hampton 7 Piece Modern Patio Dining Set with Cream Sunbrella Cushions (SKU FP-HAM-7DN-CH-AC) creates the perfect contemporary look for dining on your patio or deck. The set seats 6 adults comfortably, and includes 4 dining side chairs, 2 dining armchairs and a dining table with ... "

Forever Patio - Patio Productions Furniture Brands What a cool new brand of patio furniture... some timeless design tropes here, with a modern package.

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Link Description: " Forever Patio is a new and exciting outdoor furniture brand that features high quality designs and affordable prices. Your patio furniture should last forever, and this brand is here to help. "

Dining Room Mirror Makeover | Bower Power


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Link Description: " This is a sponsored post brought to you by FrogTape for Bower Power’s Frog Tape Fridays. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. "

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yoga Poses | Basic to Advanced Yoga Poses | Asanas

Blog Tip: Healthy Living I wasn't expecting to see this on Decor8, but it's a very insightful post on how we can all live a little healthier. A Must-Read!

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Link Description: " I've been thinking more and more about healthy living and thought I'd mention it as part of my ongoing series of Blog Tip posts on decor8. What does healthy liv "

Jolan Van Der Wiel’s Psychedelic Designs Are Created Using Centrifugal Forces These tray tables are really something crazy... mind-warping, sure, but also look how functional they are!

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Link Description: " Dutch designer Jolan Van Der Wiel was doing a public workshop at Dutch Design Week where people could make their own colorful trays using centrifugal forces. "